Diversity, Inclusion & Equity

    Diversity, equity, and inclusion are RMG GROUP's corporate and societal objectives. We are focused on creating a more diverse, inclusive team at every fostering a culture where all associates are engaged to achieve their potential and deliver on our customer mission. As part of our business and philanthropic initiatives, we also strive to understand the drivers of systemic disparities in society, and to advance equity for all by using our resources.

    At RMG GROUP we will be a safe place across all of our divisions. Founded in America we will lead by example where many forget the statement of "Liberty and Justice for ALL" in our Pledge of Allegiance.
    Employee Training

    We make sure that our experts, partners, and contractors are up to date on the topics at hand to ensure that everyone has a great experience with RMG GROUP. Our training includes:

    • Being an Ally with a Rising Identity
    • Bias
    • DEI Fundamentals
    • DEI in the Remote and Hybrid Workplace
    • Inclusive Workplace Best Practices
    • Keeping DEI Work Sustainable
    • Disability Inclusion in the Workplace
    • Discussing Politics at Work FAQ
    • Hierarchical Relationships and Bias
    • Identity
    • Intersectionality
    • Microaggressions
    • Visible, Invisible, and Hypervisible Identities