Our COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Mission.

To Our Customers, Clients, Partners and Employees

Due to the unexpected pandemic and the effects of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), it has become a true battle for the world. This is unlike anything any of us have experienced before, and we are doing our very best to find ways to continue to serve you while keeping your safety, and that of our employees, a priority. 

With regard to the uncertainty of this pandemic, We have made the difficult decision to temporarily close our branches, stores and repair centers in our effort to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.  Our Call center locations will be closed and employees will be working from home to handle tickets submitted to the respective customer Help Desk. This action was taken out of caution for the health and well-being of you, our Members, and our employees. It was not an easy decision to make, and we certainly appreciate your patience and understanding as we enable alternative ways to provide you high-quality service and support.

We encourage all customers to access your accounts online 24/7 using the MyAccount Portal for the respective subsidiary of RMG GROUP company you currently have an account with. You may visit the OUR COMPANIES page to access those links.

Hourly employees will continue to get paid for the hours scheduled to work and salary employees will continue to get paid without having to use any personal, sick or other earned paid time off days. 

As this situation changes, we will continue to find new ways to serve you and keep you updated on those changes. We wish each and everyone all our very best to you and yours as we pull together to combat these issues and take care of each other.

For additional information about COVID-19, get the latest report from the Centers for Disease Control at cdc.gov or your local health department website.    


Your Team at RMG GROUP

    -a Ramsey Management Group Inc & RMG Management Group Inc Company. 

Temporary Assistance

Our goal at RMG GROUP has always been to provide products and services to push our economy forward. Both Ramsey Management companies and RMG Management Companies have decided to donate to the RMG GROUP Foundation so that we may assist in helping those who might need help with bills during this time. Please click the link below to apply and see if you're eligible for assistance.

RMG GROUP Income Loss Protection

We are not trying to advertise at this time. However, our company RMG GROUP Protection provides Income Loss Protection plans that can help in times like this regarding Pandemics and other issues that can cause people to lose their income. Make sure that you are protected in the future by checking out a protection plan from RMG GROUP Protection.